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The Portland Gun Club - Shotgun Shooting Sports The Portland Gun Club - Shotgun Shooting Sports

The Portland Gun Club was organized in January 1907 under stockholders. In order to be a member, it was necessary to own a share of stock. The club was located on old Irvington Racetrack 15th, 16th, and Morris Streets, behind the race horse barns. We had only one trap.

The following was the membership in 1907:

Tom Honeyman
Bill Bristol
Dave Honeyman
Jim Morris
Jim Reed
Pete Holahan

Charley Preston
Bob Stevens
Bob Phillips
Sam Wagner
Arch Parrott
J.D. Hudson

Pete Rexford
Harry Ott
Pete Whitney
Henry Wilhon
Ben Trenkman
Tom Word

Bill Poop Harris
Mert Comer
Julius Meyer
Ensign Rexford
J.R. Jackson
Jim Honeyman

Henry Everding
Bub Piches
Les Reed
Bert Farrel
Jack Cullison
Abe Meier

The club shot at this location from 1907 to 1910, and then moved to the site of West Vanport, back of Swift & Co. We shot there in 1911, 1912, and part of 1913. We acquired the property where we are now located in 1912, and established shooting in the latter part of 1913. The property consisted of twenty acres and we later bought an additional ten acres.

In the winter time, up until 1918, it was almost impossible to reach the Gun Club by auto. The members usually took the Gresham Inter-Urban and got off at Jenne Station. To reach the Gun Club at Irvington, we used the old Irvington or Woodlawn car. To reach teh Gun Club from West Vanport, we used the old Kenton or Vancouver car.

T.D. or Tom Honeyman was the first Executive Secretary and Treasurer of the organization in 1907; J.D. Hudson in 1908; Julius Meier in 1909; Sam Wagner in 1910; and Jim Honeyman in 1911. Jim Morris was appointed Executive Secretary and Treasurer in 1912, when it was turned over to club membership. He in turn hired Attorney Carter to draw up by-laws to be used by the Board of Directors in the first part of 1913.

In 1913, the President was J.E. Cullison; in 1914, Ensign Rexford was elected President, but died in March of that year. Tom Honeyman acted as President until an election ws held and Henry Metzger became president.



1915 Hy Everding, Jr.
1916 A.W. Strowger
1917 John C. Clemson
1918 A.K. Downs
1919 Felix Friedlander
1920 Herb B. Newland
1921 Charles B. Preston
1922 Jim Morris
1923 Jim Morris
1924 E.L. Jagger
1925 W.L. Crowe

1926 E.L. Jagger
1927 W.T. Lambert
1928 A.I Moulton
1929 A.I Moulton
1930 A.I Moulton
1931 Harry Spicer
1932 Harry Spicer
1933 Dr. Ireland
1934 A.I Moulton
1935 George Fick
1936 George Fick

1937 George Fick
1938 George Fick
1939 C.B. Stetson
1940 C.B. Stetson
1941 C.B. Stetson
1942 Rance Niles
1943 W. Newson
1944 W. Newson
1945 George Fick
1946 George Fick
1947 Ed Deering

1948 Frank Sandberg
1949 Dr. Geroge Henton
1950 Del McIrvin
1951 Del McIrvin
1952 Bill Blake
1953 John Simpson
1954 Bob Bailey
1955 Bob Bailey
1956 Otto Moritz
1957 Otto Moritz
1958-1965 Harry Patton
1966 Ted Asbar

Some of the present members used to play around the Gun Club when it was located at Irvington: Namely, Dave Wallace and Norm Stemler. We used some of these fellows to set trap. We had no tops on our trap houses, just a backstop. M.L. Stoddard, a member at the present time, shot on the Irvington trap in 1908. The year J.D. Hudson was Executive Secretary and Treasurer.

NOTE: This history was compiled by Peter Rexford. The only living member of the original members of 1907.

Harry Abernathy (center) Late fifties/early sixties

Harry Abernathy, Arnold Reiger & Ted Asbar in April, 1988

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